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Coworking in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has become increasingly popular, offering a variety of spaces that cater to freelancers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads. Here are some notable coworking spaces in the area, along with their addresses:

1. Workeamos

Located in the heart of Santa Cruz, Workeamos is one of the largest coworking spaces in the city. It offers a vibrant environment with amenities such as air conditioning, meeting rooms, a kitchen area, and relaxing spaces. The space is well-connected, with tram stops nearby and plenty of local amenities like restaurants and supermarkets.

Address: Calle Pérez de Rozas 25, Santa Cruz de Tenerife​ (Workeamos)​​ (CoworkBooking)​.

2. Espacio Kernel Cowork & Cooperate

Espacio Kernel is known for its innovative approach, fostering a dynamic and inclusive community. It provides a range of facilities and organizes various community events, making it an ideal place for professionals from diverse industries to collaborate and share ideas.

Address: Edificio Ahlers, Av. Tres de Mayo, 30, 1ª planta, 38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Coworking Radar)​.

3. Coworking Anaga

Conveniently located in the city center, Coworking Anaga offers a collaborative environment with frequent networking events and workshops. It’s easily accessible by public transportation and is surrounded by various amenities, making it a practical choice for professionals seeking a productive work environment.

Address: Av. Profesor Peraza Ayala, 3, 38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Coworking Radar)​.

4. Coworking Tenerife

Situated on Calle Bethencourt Alfonso, Coworking Tenerife offers flexible membership options and a variety of additional services, such as equipment rental and business advice. This space is ideal for digital nomads and remote workers looking for a flexible and well-equipped workspace.

Address: Calle Bethencourt Afonso 2, 6th floor (next to the elevator), 38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife​ (Coworking Tenerife)​.

These coworking spaces in Santa Cruz de Tenerife provide not only practical working environments but also opportunities for networking and professional development, making them excellent choices for anyone looking to work in a vibrant and supportive community.

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